Every construction project is unique and we try to get involved from very first which is called
pre-construction. That help us understand your requirements and visualize the outcome of the project.

Pre Construction Services

Our Pre Construction services includes estimating the cost and feasibility of the project. Based on the report we plan for the appropriate solutions while keeping client’s goal in mind. Our Pre Construction services involves following:

  • Evaluation of site conditions.
  • Preparation of detailed trade by trade cost estimate.
  • Perform value engineering
  • Provide material recommendations and cost savings alternate systems
  • Develop material and labor procurement strategies
  • Risk analysis and insurance planning
  • Development of affirmative action plan
  • Development of a site safety plan

Construction Management

As a construction management company our involvement with the project starts at a very early stage. You can hire our team of professionals to look after the work done by other companies. With our expert management services we provide our clients a complete control over budgeting and scheduling. Our team closely monitor the on site and off site work with client and help them finishes the projects in time.

Construction Consultant Services

We have guided numerous clients in implementing construction programs. Clients seek our services for construction and development process expertise. We provide guidance on cost effective solutions and critical path mapping to completion. With a track record of completing projects on time and within budget, and our ability to guaranty completion, getting a project off the ground or back on track are invaluable resources for which we can deliver.

Real Estate Services

Along with Construction services, we take pride in our Real Estate services as well. We always work for the win win situation for seller and buyer, being said that we build a strong reputation in the market as a genuine real estate developer. Our team has strong market connection which help us finding a suitable property as per your need.

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